Walt attended Cartersville High School and graduated
from the University of Georgia in 1975 with a bachelor's degree in graphic design.
He studied art in Cortona, Italy in the early years of the UGA Studies Abroad program. He has returned to Italy several times since, for adventures and inspiration, and can be easily persuaded into future visitations.

In 2003, Walt left the big city of Atlanta and returned to the
outlying hamlet of Cartersville to live and work.

The paintings showcased in this website are done in oil, acrylic alkyds or in combination, on either canvas or board.
The subject matter reflect some of the interests and ideas, both great and small that the artist wished to convey. Additionally,
they invite your own interpretations.

The selected commercial graphic works you have just perused
met and/or exceeded the objectives set by their respective clients as well the artist.

If you would like additional information or to inquire about the purchase of original artworks or prints, Walt can be reached at 404-660-3706 or
waltfloyd@comcast.net .

Prints are available from my
Print Shop, also found in the menu bar above.
About the Artist.
Cartersville native, Walt Floyd
has been drawing since he attended Miss Marilu's kindergarten
in his hometown.

He may have made earlier stabs at art, but documentation is vague.